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Full-Height Backsplashes

Full-height backsplashes have become a very popular kitchen design element in new home construction, renovation projects, and remodeling projects. Full-height backsplash goes from the top of the counter to the bottom of the upper cabinet. Full-height backsplash adds depth and dimension, as well as a creative focal point to the overall kitchen design. Having full-height backsplash is also an easy way to clean walls in cooking areas. A full-height backsplash can be added to the whole kitchen or in high use areas like behind the stove and sink.

Standard Backsplash

A standard backsplash measures 4 inches from the top of the countertop surface. A standard backsplash is a good way to save on money when installing countertops because it uses less material. You can always add a tile above the standard backsplash at a later time. Standard backsplash can vary in height depending on what was installed prior. Customers may also like to do a larger backsplash like a 6" or 8" backsplash. Whatever your design plans may be Rolling Stone Granite will help guide you through the process.

Custom Backsplash

Want to do something a little different? We can customize your backsplash to your liking, with a custom stone backsplash. By adding different designs and edges to your backsplash you can add style and give your room a look that will have anyone talking. From modern, traditional, and transitional we can create a custom look that is right for your design.

Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash will protect your wall from moisture and stains in high-use areas. When picking a tile backsplash for your home you have a wide selection to choose from. Choosing colors, textures, trims, designs, and accessories there are so many possibilities. Take a look at all of the beautiful tile selections that we have available through MSI.

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